Boat racing trainings

We organise professional boat racing trainings. The trainings are based on our experience of many years – we have won the World Cup and Polish Championships in Match Racing. We like to share the knowledge we have gathered during many boat races and other events. The knowledge about sailing allows us to organise professional trainings.

During boat races, the participants will learn from the experience of the Rainmaker Racing Team (Polish Champions in Match Racing). They will participate in a training which includes practice and theory which consists of regulations, tactics and ways to navigate a yacht. All trainings take place on N Fun 30 yacht. Fun or any other of our comfortable yachts may serve as a place to sleep.

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Our trainings

The trainings are top notch experiences, proven by our experience and knowledge acquired during many boat races we have won. Our team is the Polish Champion in Match Racing and the winner of the World Cup. Our passion and love for sailing helped us design our own yacht model (N Fun 30).

The offer is always customised to answer participants’ needs. The level of the training is adjusted to specific sailing skills or our clients. We know how to successfully translate theory into practical knowledge which often is crucial during cruises.

We use the N Fun 30 sail yacht for trainings. This generously equipped yacht works great during instructional actions and practical exercises. Its main qualities are high quality of sailing and sport nature.

N Fun 30 is equipped with a chartplotter and professional iRegatta PRO software which gives a lot of possibilities during training cruises. Apart from specialist equipment, a full kitchen with a fridge, stove and other facilities is present on deck.

Below, we present you an exemplary training agenda:
Day 1 – meeting at 3 pm after which the agenda of the planned training is briefly presented. After that, the actual training begins and is recorded with a GoPro camera. Day one is concluded with a discussion about the training and about the boat races which take place on day two. Day 2 begins with a morning briefing after which the crew participates in boat races (1 or more races) – also recorded on GoPro. During breaks between the races, the actions of the crew will be discussed. After the races, the race itself is discussed. Extra day 3 is possible with individual training of the crew.

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