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We organise different teambuilding events on water. Our offer includes sailing and motor boats from our fleet or rented from elsewhere if necessary.

The event’s agenda can include a 3-day cruise during which the participants will visit the most beautiful wild beaches and famous ports. Additionally we offer paintball, field trips and remarkable moments during the evening barbecue party and a unique feast in Sztynort. If you’re looking for something more extreme, you can try paintball, water-ski or wakeboard. Such attractions work really well during corporate events and teambuilding trips. We provide pictures from the event.

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The events we organise guarantee not only relaxation, integration and recreation possibilities but also complete safety. Our experience helps us minimise the risk of any kinds of accidents. We take measures and use our own behaviour scenarios which help us predict dangerous situations.

We provide tools that ensure safety such as foam life jackets. Every event is supervised by a qualified instructor who takes care of all the participants. All our knowledge and attention to detail guarantees highest safety level.

Cruises, boat races and other attractions we provide guarantee great memories and lots of fun. Free sailing or fast yacht races make the participants feel the adrenaline rush which will surely satisfy even the most intense experience-hungry individuals. The atmosphere during the events generates positive energy that everyone can feel.

The events we organised are designed both for those looking for relaxing attractions and real adventurers. The agenda is always customised to client’s needs and preferences. If you have never sailed before, we can guarantee best possible first water experience you will remember forever!

Rivalry and teambuilding the participants will experience, are crucial elements needed to achieve success and work within a team. Rivalry combined with fun helps shape a reliable and well-oiled team which will be more effective at achieving team goals. A sailing corporate event is a perfect occasion to integrate your team.

The biggest companies take advantage of such solutions because they know that fun and athletic rivalry help build a well-oiled team faster and easier. Boat races and cruises bond and integrate people who work together, improve the communication and long-term cooperation.

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